There is a jenkins job that runs for more than an hour which deploys code on the target server. In this job it is getting stuck after 20 minutes and after 2 hours it is giving error as :

packet_write_wait: Broken pipe.

On the target server the value of /etc/ssh/sshd_config file values are set to : ClientAliveInterval 300 ClientAliveCountMax 720 MaxSessions 50

Not getting the root cause of the issue or how should i troubleshoot it.

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Helping hand :

  • Broken pipe generally means there was a network disconnect for some reason

  • The fix found so far is mobile-shell

  • You will need to install mosh-server in your target (the server you want to ssh'ed to) and mosh-client in your host machine.

  • Another solution is to turn on TCPKeepAlive options under /etc/ssh/ssh_config in client ssh:

TCPKeepAlive yes

  • After applying above solution everything worked as expected and not observed broken pipe again :)

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