Company requirements is to integrate JMETER WEB DRIVER(SELENIUM SCRIPTS) with AZURE PIPELINE so could anyone please help me the easy way process please?

In the VM the installed software's are below: 1.JAVA(JRE,JDK) 2.GIT BASH 3.intelliJ

Could anyone Please help me ?

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First of all get familiarized with the concept of the pipelines

Azure Pipelines automatically builds and tests code projects.

The key point is "automatically", you don't need "VM", "GIT BASH" and especially "intelliJ"

  1. Create a JMeter .jmx script

  2. Push it to your repository

  3. Come up with a pipeline which will:

  • I have created a release pipeline with agent jobs - Install jmeter, command line and publish artifacts. Now the pipeline is failing with error message - cmd exit with code 1. Also, Java Illegal arguments exception is thrown . Logs - Error in NonGUIDriver java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Problem loading XML from:'D:\a\r1\a_Performance\DMP JMeter(Web Driver)\DMP_CICD_LoadTest.jmx'. CannotResolveClassException: com.googlecode.jmeter.plugins.webdriver.config.ChromeDriverConfig I am not able to find out the chromeconfig plugin for jmeter in AzurePipeline. Can you please help me here? Commented Jun 12, 2023 at 10:00
  • You need to install WebDriver Sampler plugin using JMeter Plugins Manager. See Plugins Manager from Command-Line for more details.
    – Dmitri T
    Commented Jun 12, 2023 at 10:39

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