Pushed the JMeter Selenium Scripts into Azure GIT Repository, created the pipeline and run the pipeline.

Agents added are: JMeter, Command Line, Publish pipeline artifact and publish and download artifacts from Release pipelines. enter image description here In the scripts the JSR223 Sampler, counters and Chrome Driver Config are added and after execution of test html file also generated but observed Thread Group is not starting.. enter image description here Also have dependencies like csv files path so How can I set the csv files path please? enter image description here

In the jmeter.logs got errors as C:\LocalShare\Bhaskar\chromedriver_win32(2)\chromedriver.exe and csv path not found

Due to this javaILLEGAL Exception errors occur.

Could anyone please help me how can I add Chrome Driver Config, set Chrome Driver Config path and csv files path In Azure Pipeline please?


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The error is self explanatory: on your Azure runner machine there is no chromedriver.exe under C:\LocalShare\Bhaskar\chromedriver_win32(2) folder.

If you're absolutely sure that the Azure machine which executes the pipeline is running Windows you can commit the chromedriver.exe along with your .jmx test script. Alternatively you can download and unpack the chromedriver using i.e. Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet

In case of Linux you will need to download chromedriver for Linux.

And don't forget that Chromium must also be installed on the Azure runner

Alternatively you can consider switching to TaurusInstaller and TaurusRunner pipes, Taurus will download the necessary version of chromedriver automatically.

Taurus is an automation-friendly framework which supports running JMeter tests (as well as Gatling, Selenium, Locust and many more) and makes some routine tasks faster and easier.

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