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To crawl a website to identify images missing alt text and create a report for the same

There is a scenario where in we need to add Alt Text for the images where it is missing in a website. Used Wave, Light house, Axe tool and also Screaming frog. The same could be easily achieved using ...
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How would you answer this interview whiteboard question about testing multipart forms?

How do I answer this tech interview whiteboard question on testing? What is the minimal number of tests to cover the functionality of Scenario #1? Scenario #1: The application depicted below is a ...
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High-level help desired in forming a plan of attack for testing of background "cleanup" tasks

I have written and continue to maintain a fairly complex back-end service written in Java that scrapes arbitrary web sites, involves long-running processing jobs, and includes background tasks that ...
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Testing NIFI: best practices

I do have new task related to test NIFI Apache. not sure where to start or how to. I have one thing in mind to test it as an API but the only response it sends is status code. I know also it has be ...
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What reasons would companies have to use web testing (Selenium) and API testing (SoapUI) for the same functionality?

Scenario: I want to test a new functionality in the system "login and verification". I assume that developers have done the unit and integration test, and I am just doing a system test Do companies (...
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Which development skill/path will add more benefit/value to QA [closed]

I'm a QA, now I have a chance to learn a development skill under developer instruction. Which one will add more benefit for a QA career path? Back-end (PHP) Front-end Please help to shed a light
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