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What are the differences between capybara and watir

Watir is Object Oriented while capybara is domain specific. Capybara is simple to use, quick to deploy but maintenance will be an issue over time. Watir needs overhead to develop its page ...
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Under what circumstances is Sikuli better for test automation than Selenium or Watir?

Here some points about sikuli I have discovered: Sikuli can not select by 100% text match. So it is extremely difficult to use it in financial applications cause there are not too many different GUI ...
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What are the differences between capybara and watir

I have asked similar question here on watir Github: What are known reasons to use watir not capybara? You may find something useful there.
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How can i read http response of a complete page including all web elements in watir?I need the data of Headers

Watir is powered by Selenium WebDriver, which doesn't have a proxy built-in to do this sort of thing. A few suggestions are made over on SO. In the past (working in C#) I was able to use the Fiddler ...
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How do I configure my env.rb file to be able to switch browsers?

At the end of each scenario, you should be quitting the driver instance during teardown: $driver.quit
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Problems with escaping the equals sign in a Watir Robot argument

${NeededString}= Fetch From Right ${FullStringWithEQUALSSign} \= Print ${NeededString} This will fetch the string to the right of the equals sign. Assumption here that there is only one ...
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Watir can't click on an element but can on irb

Finally I managed to click on it. What happened is that the button wasn't directly visible when it did the click so the error pop up. And with watir alone was extremely dificult but I manage to scroll ...
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How to click on a link with dynamic href with cucumber watir?

You can use xpath to find the element based on the part of the href you know //a[contains(@href,'api/users/confirm-register/')]
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What's the difference between using Python vs. Ruby for Browser Automation testing?

I'll make the case for Ruby as I'm most familiar with it. Others can vote up/down Ruby is great because you have rspec and capybara which are widely and heavily used. There is a huge community of ...
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