I am logging in with multiple users simultaneously and performing some tasks. I have used View Result tree listener to store the results.

How can I see the result of each login and other scripts per user?

For example, the View Result tree listener is showing the result for login 1 to Login n, and showing the same result for each script. I want to see the result in the form login 1 and script 1, login 2 and script 2, and so on.

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You can use __threadNum() function as postfix for your Sampler label like:


This way you will be able to distinguish results coming from different virtual users, for example:

  • For 1st virtual user sampler label would be Login1
  • For 2nd virtual user sampler label would be Login2
  • etc.


JMeter Threadnum function use case

Going forward you can also add current Thread Group loop number if your test plan assumes > 1 loop. It can be done via __iterationNum() function available via JMeter Plugins. You can install it as a part of Custom JMeter Functions bundle using JMeter Plugins Manager

Custom JMeter Functions JMeter Plugins Manager

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