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How to run a Selenium+Java+Maven project that is hosted on Azure DevOps server directly with Jenkins?

I have made a Cucumber based BDD - Selenium, Java, Maven, TestNG Automation framework that has it's source code hosted on Azure DevOps (formally TFS). Now, I have a corporate Jenkins server and I want ...
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Load testing on CI/CD Teamcity with Jmeter

I want to add Jmeter tests as build steps in TeamCity server. If tests fail, a build will not complete. Please share how to do it. I am currently using Jmeter for testing a Rest API running different ...
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What is the use of Maven in Selenium WebDriver Automation Project?

Do we use Maven only to create dependencies in pom.xml file? Isn't there any other use of Maven in selenium project?
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When to mark a build as failed?

Currently, we do a lot of things when there is a application build job triggered (the trigger can be manual, or there is a commit to the develop/trunk branch, or there is a Pull Request created or ...
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How to continuously build and release IPA files for testing

In my project I have to build an IPA file ASAP after developer committed the changes to TFS and then I have to test the IPA file which I have built. To do that I have to build the project by "Ionic ...
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