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try mvn test -Dcucumber.options="--tags @TagName"


What's the problem then? Both xPaths seem functional. On the other hand, a good practice is to simplify it as much as possible, so it's readable for you in the future and for other people. The following xPath seems a bit more readable to me: //div[@id="opbox-category-tree"]//a[text()="Drukarki i skanery"] You don't need to write every element on the way ...


This is a common trap people fall into when writing behavior driven tests. You do not want to run entire scenarios as a prerequisite. Instead, you need to write one or more Given steps that simulate the things the other scenarios do. Without seeing an example of the login scenario, and one of the other scenarios requiring the user to log in I cannot give you ...


Visual Studio caches the step bindings, and sometimes this cache becomes out of sync with your code. The fix is a bit obtuse, but simple. Close all Visual Studio windows and delete files in your temp directory matching stepmap Close all Visual Studio windows Open File Explorer Click on the location bar showing the current directory. It should turn into an ...

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